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Retractable Phone Charger for Car

Retractable Phone Charger for Car

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Quickly Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously On The Go!

This brand new fast-charging appliance is superb for short journeys or for when you're behind schedule and need to to charge your devices in a hurry. These retractable cables are much safer than conventional loose leads that can easily get caught on handbrakes and gearsticks while on the road. These easy-pull cables lock out at your chosen length so passengers can use phones, laptops or tablets while charging - they also disappear again by retracting when not in use leaving your interior looking tidy. A truly crisp and modern design with a clear digital battery-percentage display.



 🌎 Universal Compatibility: It's cigarette-lighter interface fits most car models and charges most modern mobile phone models! (just select the corresponding plug)


 ⚡ Ultra-Fast Charging: With support for PD fast charging, get a mighty 100W output that’s 3x quicker than conventional chargers!


 🌀Adjustable Reach: A retractable cable that extends up to 80cm / 32 inches and locks-out at any intermediate length of your choice.


 ✅ Safer Option: No more risk of loose cables getting caught around handbrakes or gearsticks while driving and a clear digital display lets you know your battery-percentage with just a quick glance.


 👁️ Clean & Tidy: Slick retractable cables allow your car's interior to look how it should -  no more ugly charging cables littering your vehicle!



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